Learning Express Preschool
(2 1/2 to 13 years)
145 Mortimer Avenue
Rutherford, NJ

We Offer Everything You’d Want From a Child Care
Reasonable Rates • Convenient Location • Flexible Hours
Nurturing Staff

Available When YOU Need Child Care
Hours 7am-7pm

Year round
Located in Rutherford NJ

Here at Learning Express, we are committed to your child's needs. To accomplish this, our center is guided by a developmentally appropriate environment based curriculum that encourages children to learn “hands on” with materials and activities which are planned to support their interests, creativity and knowledge. These experiences are laid out for the children to explore, make choices and construct their own learning with guidance and support from trained, knowledgeable, caring teachers. Keep in mind that as each child is very unique and each child will develop at his / her own pace.

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